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    C. P. Sneed served in the War of 1812. C. P. Sneed lived in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1860.936 In 1865 in Williamson County, James H. Sneed was guardian for his younger brother, William L. H. Sneed. From 1865 to 1870 in Williamson County, Henry C. Edmonson, was guardian for his brother-in-law, Thomas N. Sneed.937
    Children of Constantine Perkins Sneed and Susannah Perkins Hardeman:
244. i. Sally Marr Sneed, born 1 December 1825, died 4 March 1910,938 Davidson County, Tennessee, married 25 September 1848, Williamson County, Tennessee,939 to John Currin Williams,940 born 11 July 1822, died 12 January 1890.941 He was the son of Turner Williams and Ann Currin. John C.’s sister, Ann Williams, married Sally Marr Sneed’s uncle, William Miller Hardeman. [See #111, William Miller Hardeman].

    936 1860 U.S. Census, Williamson County, Tennessee, p. 212, #462/449, P.O. Franklin. C. P. Sneed, Jr., age 69, male, $6,500/$15,000, born Va.; C. M. Sneed, age 22, female; M. M. Sneed, age 18, female; C. P. Sneed, Jr., age 16, male; Wm. Sneed, age 14, male; T. N. Sneed, age 9, male; S. L. Williams, age 9, female; Ann C. Williams, age 7, female.
    937 Williamson County, Tennessee, Guardianship Book 1, p. 105, 106, and 196.
    938 Tombstone, Williams Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee, Saddlewood Lane: Sarah Marr Sneed, wife of J. C. Williams, born 1 December 1825, died 4 March 1910.
    939 Nashville Christian Advocate, 13 October 1848 issue: Married 26 Sept. by Rev. G. W. Sneed, John C. Williams of Mississippi, to Sarah M., daughter of Major C. P. S. Sneed of Williamson County, Tennessee.
    940 Whitley, Williamson County, Tennessee, Marriages 1804-1850, p. 204. John C. Williams to Sarah M. Sneed, 25 September 1848. Bondsman: Nicholas T. Sneed.
    941 Tombstone, Williams Cemetery, Saddleback Lane, Davidson County, Tennessee: John Currin Williams, born 11 July 1822, died 12 January 1890.