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    No convincing evidence has been found to prove John Hardeman’s parents and birthplace. The maiden name of John’s wife, Dorothy, has not been proven. There is no proof that Dorothy’s maiden name was Edwards.
    In 1957 William K. Hall published Descendants of Nicholas Perkins of Virginia.1 Mr. Hall stated that John Hardeman’s wife was Dorothy Edwards. He gave no authority for this statement. Mr. Hall also stated that Thomas Hardeman had a daughter named Julia Ann.2 His authority for including Julia Ann was the statement of Mrs. Ethel N. Bassett of Washington, D.C. No primary evidence was given for either of these statements. Thomas Hardeman did not have a daughter named Julia Ann.
    All of the documentation found for John Hardeman is included in this manuscript. No evidence has been found to prove Dorothy’s maiden name. Our John Hardeman wasn’t associated with anyone named Edwards.
    The possibility of Edwards being Dorothy’s maiden name began in the late 1800s. Years ago someone guessed at this. There were Hardemans in this country for a hundred years before our John Hardeman, but no documentation has been found as to how our John Hardeman might be related to them. George Powell did research on the Hardemans for fifty years. George said that a lot of old tradition was started by a self proclaimed genealogist who did research for the Hardemans of Macon, Georgia, in the 1870s.3 There were at least three John Hardemans in Virginia in the eighteenth century, but proof of how they were related to each other is lacking. George Powell descended from another John Hardeman, who lived in Lunenburg County, and Henry County, Virginia, and died in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. There is no known connection between George Powell’s John Hardeman and our John Hardeman. The naming patterns of the other Hardeman families are different from our Hardeman family.
    Carol Wells of Natchitoches, Louisiana, was a descendant of Thomas Bacon and Julia Ann. Carol was an archivist and careful researcher. She researched for years in dozens of Tennessee courthouses to prove Julia Ann’s origins. Carol was never able to prove Julia Ann’s origins, but she was positive that Julia Ann wasn’t a daughter of Thomas Hardeman.

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