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    Carol thought Julia Ann may have had some connection to one of the families associated with the Hardemans, but she was never able to prove her theories.4
    In 1977, Dr. Nicholas Perkins Hardeman published Wilderness Calling – The Hardeman Family in the American Westward Movement 1750-1900.5 Dr. Hardeman stated in his Preface that his book was a history and not a genealogy. He inherited many old family papers and his book is wonderful, but errors of fact crept in. Dr. Hardeman relied on Hardeman family historians who gave him incorrect information.
    The Genealogy Chart in Wilderness Calling includes errors. He stated that John Hardeman was the 5th Generation in the Virginia Colony and that John Hardeman married Dorothy Edwards. Neither of these statements is correct or can be proved. The chart states that John and Dorothy Hardeman had a daughter named Deborah who married Strong. They didn’t have a daughter named Deborah. John and Dorothy’s daughter, Susannah, married William Strong. The chart includes a daughter, Susannah, who married Owen. This is incorrect. John and Dorothy Hardeman’s daughter, Dorothy, married Glen Owen.
    Our John Hardeman patented land, 1 August 1745, in Goochland County, Virginia. The 1745 patent is the earliest record found for our John Hardeman.
    The Genealogy Chart in Wilderness Calling states that John Hardeman’s son, Thomas Hardeman, had daughters named Julia Ann who married Thomas Bacon, and Isabella who married John Holt. Julia Ann Bacon and Isabella Holt were not daughters of Thomas Hardeman. John Holt married 7 December 1788 in Orange County, North Carolina, to Isabelle Perkins.6 Thomas Hardeman lived in Tennessee when Isabella Perkins married John Holt in North Carolina.

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