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    William Mapp, Littleton Mapp’s son, died single with no children. William Mapp of Hancock County, Gentleman, will made 14 May 1799. I give to the care of my father and loving brother Howsin Mapp $2000 in hands of Julius Alford and Robertus Love. When negroes are sold to be distributed among my brothers and sisters. My brother Howsan to have $50 for his trouble. To my loving brother Jeremiah a negro named Sam for ten years and then to be set free.10
    William Mapp’s inventory, 10 September 1799: negroes Hannah and child Patt, Sybba and child Cornelius, George, Jack, Sophia, Isaac, Sambo for ten years. Receipts were returned by Robert H. Mapp, executor, 6 November 1809. Receipts for the estate were signed by: John Mapp, 21 August 1801; Reuben Smith, 1 September 1804; Henry Jackson, 1 September 1804; Littleton Mapp, 1 September 1804; John Smith, 1 September 1804; Robert Asten, 1 September 1804; Jeremiah Mapp, 24 December 1804; Nancy Mapp, 28 November 1804; and James Mapp, 27 February 1809.11
    Children of Littleton Mapp by his first wife:
2. i. Elizabeth Mapp, born circa 1757, Northampton County, Virginia, died after 1836, Greene County, Georgia, married circa 1775, Granville County, North Carolina, to Reuben Smith, born 17 July 1756, died 14 February 1836,12 Greene County, Georgia.13
    Reuben Smith made his will, 27 July 1833, recorded 19 May 1836, Greene County: my eight children are to keep the negroes I gave them. To wife Elizabeth Smith land where I now live, and negroes, Humphra, Elijah, George, Caroline, Rhoda, and her children, a wheel carriage, a gig, two good carriages, horses, livestock, and household and kitchen furniture. The residue to be equally divided between my eight children: Polly Credille, Sally Credille, John Smith, William Smith, Rhoda Bell, Senia Credille, Nancy L. Doss, and Susannah Snow.14

    10 Hancock Co., Ga., Wills, Inventories, & Appr. Book AA, p. 99. /s/ William Mapp. Exors: father, Littleton Mapp, Senr. & Howsan Mapp. Wit: Elam Ward, Anne Ward. Proved 2 Sept. 1799 by Elam Ward. Hancock Co. Court of Ordinary 1799–1817, p. 3. 2 Sept. 1799. Letters testimentary granted Robert Howson Mapp, exor. Appraisers: Hines Holt, Boling Hall, Thomas Hill, Taylor Nelson.
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    13 Greene Co., Ga., Will Book F, p. 209. Will of Reuben Smith, made 27 July 1833, recorded 19 May 1836. Exors: John Smith, William Smith, Grey Credille.
    14 Greene Co. marriages: Polly Smith, 27 Sept. 1804, to Gray Credille. Sally Smith, 27 Oct. 1804, to Henry Credille. Rody Smith, 9 Dec. 1811, to Jarard Bell. Senia Smith, 22 Dec. 1814, to William Credille. Nancy Smith, 25 Jan. 1815, to John Dossey. Susannah Smith, 24 Jan. 1819, to John P. Snow.