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    Reuben Smith bought 287 1/2 acres in Greene County, 21 August 1794, from Joseph Spradling, adjoining Bolden’s line.15 Reuben got a headright in Greene County, for 100 acres, in 1805. He later bought more land in Greene County, in 1808.
3. ii. Mary “Polly” Mapp, born circa 1759, Northampton County, Virginia, married circa 1777, Granville County, North Carolina, to John Smith. In Greene County, Georgia, 7 December 1793, Benjamin Posey sold to John Smith, both of Greene County, land on Shoulderbone Creek, adjoining Joseph Young.16 In Greene County, in 1796, Charles Burk sold to John Smith negroes, Molinda and Siller. Robert Astin was witness. On 30 November 1798 in Greene County, Littleton Mapp, Jr. of Greene County, said that in 1790 William Mapp of Hancock County, Georgia, sent by him to John Smith of Greene County, negroes, Rebecca, Febe, and Sarah.17
+4. iii. John Mapp, born 14 January 1761, Northampton County, Virginia, died 23 March 1828,18 Greene County, Georgia, married Mary “Polly” White.
+5. iv. Susannah Mapp, born circa 1763, died circa 1825, Greene County, Georgia, married Robert Asten.
6. v. Sarah Mapp, born circa 1765, married Henry Jackson, born circa 1760, died before November 1830, Hancock County, Georgia.19
    Henry Jackson was the son of Isaac Jackson who died in Hancock County, before 15 March 1805. Henry Jackson and Robert H. Mapp were administrators of the estate of Isaac Jackson in 1805.20
+7. vi. Littleton Mapp, born circa 1767, died after 22 August 1812 and before 1 August 1814, Clarke County, Georgia,21 married Anna Fannin.

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