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    On 7 June 1717 in Prince George County, Virginia, Robert Burchet of Westopher Parish, Prince George County, sold to Duglas Irby, of same, for £20, 200 acres in the same parish next to Daniel Meadows, Mathew Smart, Senr., William Mattock, and Littlebury Epes. Mathew Smart, John Young, and Daniel Meadows witnessed this deed.8
    Daniel Meadows of Prince George County, bought from James Lundy of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 7 October 1717, for £5, 100 acres next to Meadows’s land, purchased of Peter Fairfax. This deed was witnessed by Douglas Irby, Mathew Smart, and William Mattox. Elizabeth, wife of James Lundy, relinquished dower rights in this land.9
    The land where Daniel lived was originally patented to Henry Batt and James Thweatt in Charles City County, 20 April 1682, for 673 acres, south side James River.10 3 June 1693, Henry Batt and James Thweatt of Bristol Parish, Charles City County, sold to Robert Birchett of Westover Parish, same county, for £20, 303 acres now in occupation of Birchett in Westover Parish on Bland’s Swamp and crossing Blackwater Road, as by patent to Batt and Thweatt.11
    Daniel Meadows owed a debt of £3/6 to Edward Woodlief in Prince George County, Virginia, in 1718. Woodlief left this debt to his wife Sarah in his will.12
    Daniel Meadows had a suit against Burrell Green at the 10 February 1718 court in Prince George. It was dismissed.13 Daniel Meadows was on the grand jury in Prince George at the 10 November 1719 court.14

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