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page 88     Ga.: Superior Court of Morgan Co., Sept. Term 1823: Thomas Tally of Morgan Co. by petition to this court at the last term, represented he is interested as tenant in common with Thomas Swift in 98 1/4 acres where Elisha Tally, decd. resided when he died & where Thomas Tally now lives, part of Lots 63 & 64 in 20th Dist. of originally Baldwin now Morgan Co. He is entitled to an undivided 1/3 & Thomas Swift is entitled to 2/3. He wants to enjoy his share of the land. He prays a partition be made & his share set off & divided from the rest. Legal notice has been given & no exception has been made to granting. The court appoints Thomas McCoy, Lewis Bandy, John Hanson, James Brown, Young Stokes, James Turner, Wilson Lumpkin, Nathan Formby, Aron Formby, William Greer, Grant Davis, & the sheriff of said co. to make partition & divide from the rest Thomas Tally’s share & make returns to court, 11 Sept. 1823. /s/ John Nisbet, clk. Plat: 24 Sept. 1823, for 32 1/4 acres, S. 50 E. 22 1/4 ch., S. 40 W. 11 ch. 40 links. The plat represents the portion assigned as the dower of Mrs. Elisha Tally now in Thomas Tally’s possession. Survey by Robert Crawley. Morgan Co.: order from Superior Court for a Writ of Division of land of the heirs of Elisha Tally, decd., have laid out for Thomas Tally 32 1/4 acres out of N.E. end of tract, adj. J. Mosley & W. Lumpkin. The balance of tract which is 2/3 is laid off for Thomas Swift, 24 Sept. 1823. /s/ Young Stokes, James Turner, Aaron Formby, William (x) Greer, Nathan Formby, John W. Hanson. See Minutes of Superior Court, May Adj. Term 1825. This Writ made the judgment of the court. Recorded 2 Nov. 1825.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm