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pages 89-90     Ga.: Morgan Co. Superior Court, Sept. Term 1823: To Partitioners: Robert S. Hardeway, Daniel Jackson, James Drummond, John Dupree, Zachariah Fears, Hezekiah F. Goss, James Head, Arthur Foster, Henry C. Merritt, Jesse Gunn, William Harris, & Martin P. Sparks or his deputy sheriff of said co. Sarah Emerson & John Emerson, her husband, applied for Writ of Partition to assign Sarah & John Emerson, formerly Sarah Matthews who is now wife of John, the portion of the estate of the late Charles Matthews, decd. they are entitled to a child’s part in Morgan Co. Legal notice has been given. You are to make a division of 504 acres in said co., where Charles Matthews, late of said co., decd., resided when he died. It is Lots 258 & 384 in 4th Dist., & 96 acres is 1/2 of fraction Lot 387, all adj. & in one tract. You are to divide & assign applicants 1/3 of tract & assign to tenants in common in tract consisting of the heirs of Charles to wit: Sarah Matthews & Margaret Matthews his only surviving children. The 1/3 part you will assign to John & his wife. She is entitled to her child’s part, 18 Sept. 1823. /s/ John Nisbet, clk. Plat: 26 Sept. 1823, for 160 acres, N. 45 E. 35 1/2 ch., N. 45 W. 45 ch. Plat represents portion assigned to John Emerson as his wife’s share of real estate of Charles Matthews, decd. Surveyed by Robert Crawley, C.S.M.C. Morgan Co.: order from Superior Court, Sept. Term 1823, to divide real estate of Charles Matthews, decd., 504 acres. Resurvey shows 531 acres in 4th Dist., Lots 258 & 384 & part of fraction Lot 387, all adj. There are 3 distributees. To Sarah Emberson & John Emberson, her husband, 160 acres from Lot 258 on S.W. end, S. 45 E. on original line 45 ch., N. 45 E. 35 ch. 50 links, N. 45 W. to beg., 26 Sept. 1823. /s/ H. F. Goss, Daniel Jackson, John Dupree, James Head, Z. Fears, Jesse Gunn, William Harris, Henry C. Merritt. Wit: Richard M. Gilbert, J.P. May Adj. Term 1825, Superior Court of Morgan Co.: at Sept. Term 1823, Writ of Partition of real estate of Charles Matthews, decd. assigned to John Emerson in right of his wife Sarah, formerly Sarah Matthews. In Minutes of Superior Court May Adj. Term 1825. Recorded 2 Nov. 1825.

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