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pages 98-99     Power of Attorney: Cabarras Co., North Carolina: William McClellan & Cressida, his wife, & Sydney McKindley for ourselves & Sandy McKindley, Slatira McKindley, John C. L. McKindley, & Mariah McKindley by our guardian John McKindley, all of said co. except John C. L. McKindley & Mariah McKindley who reside in Clark Co., Alabama, appoint Alphonso Alexander of Cabarras Co., N.C. our true & lawful attorney, to sell all estate, real & personal, of Silas McKindley, decd. of Morgan Co., Ga. Tract in Morgan & Putnam Cos., formerly Baldwin Co., fraction Lot 254, 140 acres. Also, tract in Putnam Co., adj. above, fraction Lots 39 & 59, 49 acres. Also, tract in 8th Dist. of Monroe Co., Ga., Lot 143, 202 1/2 acres. Also, 5 negroes, Cato, Ezekiel, Prisse, July Ann, & Jacob. And, all other property of Silas McKindley, decd. & all debts due him, 20 Nov. 1825. /s/ Wm. S. McClellan, Cressida (x) McClellan, Sidney McKindley, John McKindley. Wit: M. S. Archibalds, J.P., Wm. W. Watson, J.P. Cabarras Co., N.C.: Daniel Coleman, clerk of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for Cabarras Co., certify Moses S. Archibalds & William Watson are acting J.P.’s of said co. at Concord, 3 Dec. 1825. Cabarras Co., N.C.: Mimucan Hunt, chairman of county court, certify Daniel Coleman is clerk of Cabarras Co., 3 Dec. 1825. Recorded 5 Jan. 1826, John W. Porter, clk.

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