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page 252     Morgan Co., Ga.: Order from Superior Court of this county. Land lately sold by the sheriff of this county as property of Thomas Kinman, decd. & purchased by John Belcher. We find the tract is 173 3/4 & 29 poles. We assigned 1/3 part to Jane Kinman, widow of Thomas Kinman, decd. as follows: beg. at S.W. cor., on Zachrey’s line to cor., parallel line with one marked by county surveyor (Smith) straight through lane to county line, on county line to Scott’s line, on Scott’s line to beg., is 57 acres. Jane Kinman, who is now present, is satisfied with her dower. John Belcher, who is present, is satisfied, 30 [no month] 1827. /s/ George L. Bird, Benja. Bussey, comrs. Sept. Term Superior Court 1827, return made. Recorded 11 Oct. 1827, Thos. S. King, D. clk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm