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pages 291-292     Mortgage: Walton Co., Ga.: 9 Oct. 1827, William Talbot of Morgan Co., to Elisha Betts of Walton Co. Talbot, 3 Jan. 1823, made 3 promissory notes with Elisha Betts & Thomas Moody securities to Jonathan & Henry Bailey, admrs. of the estate of William Bailey, decd. for $2259. For $1354, $280, & $625 all due in 12 months. William Talbot failed to pay the 3 notes. Recovery against Talbot & Betts. Security of Talbot to Betts is 12 negroes: Dennis, a man, Rhoda, a woman, Frankey & Lettey, girls, Sena a woman, Hala a girl, Richmond & Clark, boys, Jack an old man, Beck an old woman, Luke & Dennis, men. If Talbot pays Jonathan & Henry Bailey, admrs. of William Bailey, decd. $2259 with interest, this to be void. /s/ Wm. Talbot. Wit: Egbert B. Beall, Jesse M. Butt, J.P. Recorded 29 Feb. 1828.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm