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pages 294-295     Mortgage: Morgan Co., Ga.: 19 March 1827, Epps Duke to Burnell Russell & John G. Williams, all of Morgan Co. Epps Duke owes Burnell Russell $278.59. John G. Williams was security for $560. 8 March 1826, Williams became security for Duke for 8 $30 promissory notes made payable to John Malcom. Williams assumed payment of a fi. fa. of Irwin & Bryan vs. Epps Duke for $300. Duke, today to Burnell Russell, 2 promissory notes for $200 for rent of the plantation where said E. Duke lives until 1 Jan. next payable by 25 Dec. next. Other note for $78.59. Epps Duke’s security to Burnell Russell & John G. Williams is 3 negroes, Mingo a man about 20, Abraham about 50, & Niace a woman about 55 years old, a roan mare, 4 years old this spring, a roan filly 3 years old this spring, bay horse about 14 years old, 27 sheep, 14 cows, 41 hogs, 4 beds & furniture, & household & kitchen furniture. If Duke pays Russell $278.59 & Malcom $240 which Williams was security & pays Williams for fi. fa., this to be void. /s/ Epps Duke. Wit: William Knodle, Robert Lemonds, John C. Reese, J.P. Recorded 8 March 1828, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm