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pages 434-435     Morgan Co., Ga., Superior Court, Sept. Term 1828: Judge Kenan. Application of Elizabeth Evans. She is the widow of Arden Evans of Morgan Co., decd. She is entitled to dower in her husband’s lands, 350 acres in said co. Sterling Finnie, Clementus R. Zachry, George L. Bird, David S. Clower, & John Wood or a majority of them to lay off & assign to Elizabeth Evans 1/3 part as her dower & return to the next term of court. Wit: Owen H. Kenan, Judge of said co., 16 Sept. 1828. /s/ John W. Porter, clerk.
Morgan Co., Ga.: We assigned to the widow of Arden Evans, decd., Elizabeth Evans, 119 acres & 7 chains as her dower, 13 Dec. 1828. /s/ Sterling Finnie, David S. Clower, C. R. Zachry. Wit: Jno. C. Wood, J.P. Plat: 119 acres, 7 chains, 18 links. N. 45 W. 14.45 ch., S. 45 W. 45 ch. on line of estate of Arden Evans, on line of A. Evans, decd., on line of Clower, to cor., to beg., 13 Dec. 1828. /s/ B. Woolbright [surveyor]. Superior Court, March Term 1829: Return made. Recorded 22 June 1829, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm