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pages 345-346     Ga.: 30 Jan. 1833, William Johnston of Richmond Co., to Elijah E. Jones of Morgan Co., for $500, in Morgan Co., 202 1/2 acres, Lot 142, adj. N.E. by Lot 166, N.W. by Lot 143, S.E. by Lot 127, S.W. by Lot 141, 5th Dist., in fee simple. /s/ Wm. Johnston. Wit: Wm. M. Martin, James Fears. I relinquish any right to a passway I reserved to myself through tract I sold Dr. E. E. Jones known as the Mullins place, 30 Jan. 1833. /s/ Wm. Johnston. Test: Wm. M. Martin, James Fears. Morgan Co.: proved by James Fears, 5 Feb. 1833, John C. Rees, J.P. Recorded 11 Feb. 1833.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm