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pages 354-355     Morgan Co., Ga.: 6 Jan. 1832, Peter G. Morrow of Walton Co., to William S. Stokes of Morgan Co., for $650, tract in Morgan Co., 4th Dist., Little Sugar Creek waters, 268 acres, beg. N.W. cor. of Lot 193, S. 45 W. to Lot 180, S. 45 W. to Dr. Wade’s land, to creek, up creek, S. 58 E. 12 ch. 56 links, up Spring Branch including Spring, S. 71 E. 9 ch. 80 links, S. 69 E. 12 ch. 50 links to Seven Island Road, on road to Wm. S. Stokes’s cor. on lane & lot including his dwelling house, N. on line to fence to cor. in field, E. on line of Woodling lot to near Spring, to creek, up creek to mouth of C. Smith’s Spring Branch, to cor. of Lot 214 near where C. Smith’s Spring Branch crosses orig. line between Lots 193 & 214, N. 45 W. to beg., in fee simple. /s/ Peter G. Morrow. Test: Edmund Walker, John T. McNiel, J.P. Recorded 12 March 1833.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm