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William Sims


born, say, 1655,


will made 18 December 1710,


James City County, Virginia


and his Descendants



by Michal Martin Farmer


Dallas, Texas, 8th great granddaughter of William Sims


William Sims’s great grandson was William Sims, born 7 May 1757, St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, died 1814, near Mt. Pleasant, Maury County, Tennessee, married 9 August 1773 (date of bond), Hanover County, Virginia, to Judith Cross, born 1756, Caroline County, Virginia, died 10 June 1841, Maury County, Tennessee.


The Table of Contents for this Sims genealogy is posted separately at this web site:


William Sims, who married Judith Cross, is #23 in the genealogy. His twelve children are #26-37. His 55 grandchildren are #38-92. There are more than 200 great grandchildren and more than 300 second great grandchildren. The third and fourth great grandchildren are descendants of William and Judith Sims’s son, John Sims, only. John Sims married Sarah Priddy.


All numbered people with a + before their number are carried forward with additional information added and children given.

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