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Matthew Sims’s land was also processioned in 1739. On 7 March 1743, land was processioned in St. Paul’s Parish for the heirs of John Syme, Gent., decd., Edward Rice, Matthew Sims, George Sims, Edward Sims, & George Sims, Thomas Prosser, Alexr. Kersey, Henry Tyler, Widow Archer, Joseph Row, Mansfield Blagrove, John Crenshaw, George Butler, David Thompson, and Mary Anderson. John Sims and Edward Rice did the procession.[35]

In A Merchant’s Account Book: Hanover County, Virginia, 1743-1744, Accounts of Francis Jerdone, Hanover County, there are entries for Matthew Sims, Senior and Matthew Sims, Junior, 1 October 1743. 14 October 1743, Matthew Sims, Junior. February 1744, Matthew Sims, Senior for a copper still, a drawing knife, and many other items. 10 November 1744, Matthew Sims, Senior. 15 April 1744, Bartelott Anderson credit by Matthew Sims. 4 March 1744, Matthew Sims, Senior. In 1744, Mr. Matthew Sims, Senior in Hanover for many purchases and for rum delivered to James Gentry. And, 1 October 1745, Matthew Sims, Senr.[36]

Children of Matthew Sims and Hannah Mitchell:

          9.        i.   Anne Sims, baptized 29 January 1709, St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.[37]

       10.       ii.   David Sims, born circa 1715

Matthew Sims and David Sims with James Gentry witnessed an indent and bond, 1 July 1735, in Hanover County, from John Tylor, Jr. to John Depriest.[38]

Land was processioned in St. Paul’s Parish, 19 November 1759 and 30 November 1763, for land of John Syms, Edward Sims, Richard Johnson, Suprey Harding’s heirs, David Sims, Sherwood Tinsley, James Gentry, John Shelton, Alexander Kersey, Widow Tyler, John Archer, Thomas Green, Thomas Smith, Blagrave’s heirs, John Jones, Joseph Gentry, Joseph Crenshaw, David Thomson, Nelson Anderson, and Tyler and Camb.[39]

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