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Children of Samuel M. Dunlap and Eliza Harlan:

   +146.      iv.   Oscar Elijah Dunlap, born 30 November 1849, Chickasaw County, Mississippi, died 30 August 1925, at his summer home in Colorado, buried Waxahachie City Cemetery, Ellis County, Texas.[551] He married 21 December 1876, Ellis County, Texas, to Ella Virginia McDuffie.[552]

     147.       v.   William R. Dunlap, born 13 May 1851, Chickasaw County, Mississippi, died 6 February 1876, buried Waxahachie City Cemetery, Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas.[553]

     148       vi.   Samuel Joseph McNeely Dunlap, born 1853, died 1855.

   +149.      vi.   Samuel M. Dunlap, born 10 April 1857, Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi, died 24 April 1924, age 67, Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan, but his home was in Dallas, Texas. He married first, 7 December 1881, Ellis County, Texas, to Alice Smith.[554] He married second, August 1913, Dallas County, Texas, to Mary Ella Carothers.[555]

     150.     vii.   Robert Dunlap, born circa 1860.

[551] Tombstone, Waxahachie City Cemetery. Judge Oscar E. Dunlap, Sr., born 30 November 1849, died 30 August 1925.

[552] Ellis County, Texas, Marriage Book C, p. 321. Oscar E. Dunlap to Ella McDuffie, 21 December 1876. Wm. S. Johnson, M.G.

[553] Tombstone, Waxahachie City Cemetery, Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas. W. R. Dunlap, born 13 May 1851, died 6 February 1876.

[554] Ellis County, Texas, Marriage Book D, p. 472. Samuel M. Dunlap to Alice Smith, 7 December 1881. C. McPherson, M.G.

[555] Marriage Licenses Issued, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 12 August 1913. S. M. Dunlap of Italy, Texas, to Miss Mav Carothers of Dallas.

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