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56. John Allen6Sims (William5, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born circa 1810, Maury County, Tennessee, died 1851, Lafayette County, Mississippi. He married Lucy A. ——.

William B. Sims was administrator of the estate of John A. Sims, deceased, in 1851, Lafayette County, Mississippi. John’s wife was Lucy A. Sims. His heirs were Josephine and Mary A. Sims, minors.[581]

John A. Sims lived in Lafayette County, Mississippi, in 1850.[582] J. A. Sims had four slaves in 1850, Lafayette County: 1 male, age 31; 1 female, age 21; 1 female, age 17; and 1 female, age 2 months.[583]

Children of John Allen Sims and Lucy A. ——:

     172.        i.   Josephine Sims, born circa 1849, Lafayette County, Mississippi

     173.       ii.   Mary A. Sims, born circa 1851, Lafayette County, Mississippi

[581] Lafayette County, Mississippi, Probate Packet. John A. Sims.

[582] 1850 U.S. Census, Lafayette County, Mississippi, p. 229, #66. John A. Sims, age 42, male, farmer, $1400, born Tenn.; Lucy A. Sims, age 26, female, born Va.; Josephine A. (or P.) Sims, age 1, female, born Miss.

[583] 1850 Lafayette County, Mississippi, Slave Schedule.

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