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57. William B.6Sims (William5, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born circa 1812, Maury County, Tennessee, died after 1880 and before 1884, Lafayette County, Mississippi. He married first, circa 1848, to Eleanor E. ——, born circa 1828. He married second, 5 February 1857, Lafayette County, to Rachel Rebecca Moore,[584] born circa 1832. There is a tombstone for Rachel Sims in Oxford Memorial Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette County, with no dates.

William B. Sims lived in Lafayette County, Mississippi, in 1850.[585] William B. Sims had two slaves in 1850 in Lafayette County: two females, one age 18 and one age 12.[586]

W. B. Sims lived in Lafayette County, in 1860.[587] He lived in Oxford, Lafayette County, in 1870,[588] and, at College Hill, Lafayette County, in 1880.[589]

On 8 December 1884, W. J. Sims, executor of the estate of W. B. Sims, deceased, had a suit against the United States. W. J. Sims filed a claim for losses incurred during the Civil War to his father’s large plantation in Lafayette County, Mississippi. The claim was denied.[590]

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[588] 1870 U.S. Census, Lafayette County, Mississippi, p. 500, #254/254, P.O. Oxford. Sims, W. B., age 59, male, farming, $1200/$1000, born Tenn.; R. R., age 38, female, born Tenn.; W. J., age 17, male, born Miss.; H. E., age 15, male, born Miss. All white.

[589] 1880 U.S. Census, Lafayette County, Mississippi, S.D. 1, E.D. 80, Sheet 37, College Hill. Simms, W. B., male, age 69, married, born Tenn. Va. Va.; Rebecca R., age 47, wife, born Tenn. N.C. Va.; W. J., male, age 26, son, born Miss. Tenn. Tenn.

[590] Congressional Serial Set. W. J. Sims, exor. of W. B. Sims, decd., vs. the U.S.

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