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Children of William B. Sims and Eleanor E. ——:

   +174.        i.   Wilson T. Sims, born August 1848, Lafayette County, Mississippi, died after 1910, Comanche County, Texas, and before 1920. He married circa 1868, Lafayette County, to Katie T. Smither.

   +175.       ii.   William J. Sims, born December 1852, Lafayette County, Mississippi, died 1914, Oxford, Lafayette County. He married circa 1884, to Shirley Smith, born 1862, died 1924. They are buried in Oxford Memorial Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette County.[591]

     176.      iii.   Henry E. Sims, born circa 1855, Lafayette County , Mississippi. He married E. W. ——, born circa 1857, Georgia. They lived in Lafayette County, in 1880.[592]

[591] Tombstone, Oxford Memorial Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi. William J. Sims, born 1852, died 1914. Shirley Smith Sims, born 1862, died 1924.

[592] 1880 U.S. Census, Lafayette County, Mississippi, S.D. 1, E.D. 80, Sheet 37, College Hill. Simms, H. E., male, age 24, son, born Miss. Tenn. Tenn.; E. W., female, age 23, wife, born Ga. Tenn. Tenn.

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