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61. Frances A.6McAlister (Susannah5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 9 February 1815, Washington County, Tennessee, died 25 February 1880, Platte City, Platte County, Missouri.[593] She married 22 April 1838, Washington County, Tennessee, to John D. Murray,[594] born 10 November 1812, Washington County, Tennessee, died 1 February 1869, Platte City, Platte County, Missouri.[595] They are both buried in Platte City Cemetery, Marshall.

John D. and Frances Murray moved from Washington County, Tennessee, to Platte County, Missouri, in 1838, and built a house in Martinsville. In 1840, they moved their house to Platte City.[596] They lived in Platte County, Missouri, in 1850[597] and 1860.[598] He was a merchant.

Children of John D. Murray and Frances A. McAlister:

     177.        i.   James C. Murray, born 10 February 1839, Platte County, Missouri, died after 1900, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas, married 10 March 1864, Clay County, Missouri, to Margaret Adelaide Parker.[599]

He graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, and was admitted to the bar in 1862.

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[599] Clay County, Missouri, Marriage Records. James C. Murray to Adelaid Parker, 10 March 1864.

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