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They lived in Iola, Allen County, Kansas, in 1880,[600] and in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas, in 1900.[601] In 1900, James C. Murray was a lawyer; his wife, Maggie, was a musician; his son, Robert S. Murray was in real estate; and his son Cecil C. Murray was a law student.

     178.       ii.   Frances Caroline (or Catherine) Murray, called Carrie, born August 1841, Platte County, Missouri, died 1910,[602] Platte City, married 7 January 1863, Platte City, Missouri, to Robert Patterson Clark Wilson, born 8 August 1834, Boonville, Cooper County, Missouri, died 21 December 1916, Kansas City, Missouri, at the home of his son, U.S. District Attorney, Francis M. Wilson.[603] He was buried in Platte City Cemetery, Marshall, Platte City, Platte County, Missouri.[604]

The Liberty Tribune, Clay County, Missouri, issue 16 January 1863: At Platte City on the 7th instant by Rev. Mr. Cope, R. P. C. Wilson, Esq. of Leavenworth City, and Miss Carrie F. Murray, only daughter of John D. Murray, Esq. of the former place.

[600] 1880 U.S. Census, Allen County, Kansas, S.D. 1, E.D. 9, Sheet 1, Iola. Murray, J. C., age 37, lawyer, born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.; Maggie, age 31, wife, born Md. Md. Va.; Walter, age 15, son, born Mo. Tenn. Md.; Robert, age 12, son, born Mo. Tenn. Md.; Cecil, age 8, son, born Kansas Tenn. Md.; Eva Murray, age 5, dau. All above white. Jennie Brooks, age 19, black servant.

[601] 1900 U.S. Census, Boone County, Arkansas, S.D. 3, E.D. 29, Sheet 12, Harrison town. Murray, James C., born February 1848, age 52, mar 35 yrs., born Mo. Tenn. Tenn.; Maggie, wife, born January 1847, age 53, mar 35 yrs., born Md. Va. Md., had had 5 children, 4 living; Robert S., son, born March 1869, age 31, single, born Mo. Mo. Md.; Cecil C., son, born November 1871, age 28, mar 5 yrs., born Kansas Mo. Md.; Josephine, dau.-in-law, born December 1877, age 22, born Ark. N.Y. Tenn, had had 3 children, 3 living; Kenneth F., gson, born September 1896, age 3; James C., gson, born December 1897, age 2; Josephine, gdau., born December 1899, age 4/12. All white.

[602] Tombstone, Platte City Cemetery (Marshall), Carrie Murray Wilson, born 1841, died 1910. Also, Murray, son of R. P. C. & F. Catherine Wilson, born 31 August 1867, died 8 June 1870, and Kitty Clark Wilson, born 1881, died 1883.

[603] Missouri Historical Quarterly, 1917.

[604] Tombstone photograph. Platte City Cemetery. Robert P. C. Wilson, born 1843 (sic), died 1916.

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