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65. Eleanor “Ellen R.”6McAlister (Susannah5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 30 April 1827, Washington County, Tennessee, died 5 November 1901, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. She married 20 September 1849, Washington County, Tennessee, to Caleb King,[688] born 10 May 1822, Rutherford County, North Carolina, died 1 December 1893, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, buried Oakland Cemetery in Dallas.[689] Caleb E. King was a doctor.

Caleb and Ellen’s marriage is recorded in Washington County, Tennessee. And, there is a record of their marriage, 29 September 1849, at the Jones Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church in Madison, Georgia.[690]

Caleb and Ellen’s son, Charles King, was born in 1850 in Texas. They haven’t been identified in the 1850 Texas census. Their eldest daughter, Henrietta, was born in 1849 in North Carolina, and their third child, Ferdinand, was born in 1852 in North Carolina, so they only went to Texas for one year and then returned to North Carolina.

Caleb and Ellen King lived in Polk County, North Carolina, in 1860,[691] and in Calhoun, Gordon County, Georgia, in 1870[692] and 1880.[693] They moved to Dallas, Tex as, in the 1880s.

[688] Washington County, Tennessee, Marriage Records. Caleb King to Ellen McAllister, 20 September 1849.

[689] Tombstone photograph,, Oakland Cemetery, Section 1, Lot 64, 3900 Oakland Circle., Dallas, Texas 75215. Dr. Caleb King, born 10 May 1822, died 1 December 1893.

[690] Caleb King to Ellen R. McAlister, 29 September 1849, Jones Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, Madison, Georgia. Bride’s father: James McAllister. Groom’s parents: Jonathan King and Sarah Taylor.

[691] 1860 U.S. Census, Polk County, North Carolina, p. 130, Cooper’s Gap Division, P.O. Sandy Plains, #517/489. King, Caleb, age 36, physician, $10,000/$9733, born N.C.; Elen, age 33, born Tenn.; Henrietta, age 11, born N.C.; Chas., age 9, born Texas; Ferdinand, age 8, born N.C.; Wm. E., age 6, born N.C.; Laura, age 4, born N.C.; Joshua, age 2, born N.C.; Elen A., age 9/12, born N.C.

[692] 1870 U.S. Census, Gordon County, Georgia, p. 276, P.O. Calhoun, #1572/1423. King, Caleb, age 48, physician & farmer, $4000/$1000, born N.C.; Ellen C., age 48, born Tenn.; Charles M., age 19, works on farm, born Texas; Fnconer? D., age 18, male, student, born N.C.; William E. M., age 16, student, born N.C.; Laura C., age 15, student, born N.C.; Joshua O., age 13, student, born N.C.; Effa P., age 6, born N.C.; Sallie, age 4, born N.C.; Varina D., age 9/12, born Ga. All white.

[693] 1880 U.S. Census, Gordon County, Georgia, S.D. 1, E.D. 111, Sheet 35, Calhoun. King, C, male, age 58, physician & farmer, born N.C. Va. N.C.; Ellen, wife, age 53, born Tenn. Tenn. Va.; Laura, dau., age 24, born N.C. N.C. Tenn.; Effie, dau., age 15; Sallie, dau., age 14; Barina, dau., age 10, born Ga. N.C. Tenn. All white.

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