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Minor S. Sims went to South Carolina and filed three petitions in Richland District, in 1846 and 1847. All three petitions were dismissed. Minor S. Sims was the petitioner in all three Petitions. Defendants were: James Black or Margaret Black, John Caldwell, L. H. Trevet, and Jacob Stack who had bought some of the slaves owned by the estate of Thomas Sims from Thomas P. Sims. Also named as defendants in the Petitions were Minor Sims’s siblings (the other heirs of Thomas Sims): H. A. G. Lee, Margaret E. Sims Lee, Augustus C. Sims, Thomas P. Sims, and William F. Sims.[711] The first petition was filed 16 March 1846 and ended 21 June 1847, the second, filed 10 March 1846 and ended 21 June 1847, and the third petition was filed 15 February 1847. [The three petitions are transcribed and included in this genealogy under #35, Thomas Sims].

A notice was placed in the Nashville Christian Advocate, 19 November 1847: Information wanted. Miner J. Simms left home, Maury County, Tennessee, February 1846, for Columbia, South Carolina, and not been heard of since. Any information thankfully received by his wife or his brother, William F. Simms, Mt. Pleasant, Maury County, Tennessee.[712]

Minor’s widow, Melinda Sims, and her five children lived in Maury County, Tennessee, in 1850.[713] Her parents lived next door in 1850.[714] Melinda Sims and three of her children lived with her parents in Maury County, in 1860.[715] Her daughter, Victoria J. Sims, was also counted in 1860 in Maury County, as a student at the Female College of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Columbia, Tennessee.[716]

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[714] 1850 U.S. Census, Maury County, Tennessee, p. 164, #162/162. Cooke, John O., age 68, farmer, $8060, born Maryland; Susannah, age 59, born N.C.; Patrick H., age 20, student, born Tenn.; Felix G., age 18, student, born Tenn.

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[716] 1860 U.S. Census, Maury County, Tennessee, p. 391, #472/472, Columbia. J. V. Simms, age 18, female, born Tenn., students at Female College, M. E. Church South, head of the school was J. O. Church, age 47, born New York.

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