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   +226.    viii.   Jones Hunter Sims, born October 1850, Lewis County, Tennessee, died after the 1900 census, Maury County, Tennessee,[742] married 21 December 1871, Maury County, to Teresa J. “Tressey” Worley.[743]

     227.      ix.   James Sims, born circa 1852, Lewis County, Tennessee

   +228.       x.   Edward Ross Sims, born February 1855, Tennessee, died 6 December 1924, Houston, Harris County, Texas, buried Forest Park Cemetery.[744] He married 24 February 1886, Falls County, Texas, to Ida May Thomas.[745]

     229.      xi.   M. A. Sims, female, born circa 1856, Tennessee

   +230.     xii.   Hugh M. Sims, born 13 May 1859, Maury County, Tennessee, died 18 November 1918, Maury County, buried Bailey Cemetery, Mt. Joy, Maury County,[746] married 16 December 1886, Lewis County, to Tennessee “Tinnie” Fuller.[747]

   +231.    xiii.   Walter Sims, born August 1866, Maury County, Tennessee, died 1929, buried Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas.[748] He married 16 December 1885, Maury County, Tennessee, to Martha “Mattie” Bell.[749]

He is Walter M. Sims in the 1900 census of Maury County, Tennessee, and the 1910 census of Tarrant County, Texas. He is W. A. Sims in the death records for two of his sons in 1918. He is Walter A. in the 1920 census of Johnson County, Texas. His grave marker: Walter A. Sims.

[742] 1900 U.S. Census, Maury County, Tennessee, S.D. 256, E.D. 81, Sheet 2A. Head of family: Jones H. Sims, white, male, born October 1850, age 49, married 29 years, born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.

[743] Maury County, Tennessee, Marriage Records. J. H. Sims to Tressey Worley, 21 December 1871.

[744] Texas Death Record. Edward Ross Sims, died 6 December 1924, Houston, Harris County, Texas, male, white, age 70, married. Place of residence: Houston, Texas. Cemetery: Forest Park.

[745] Falls County, Texas, Marriage Records. E. R. Sims to Ida May Thomas, 24 February 1886.

[746] Tombstone, Bailey Cemetery, Mt. Joy, Maury County, Tennessee. Hugh M. Sims, born 13 May 1859, died 18 November 1918.

[747] Lewis County, Tennessee, Marriage Records. A. H. Sims to Tinnie Fuller, 16 December 1886.

[748] Metal marker, Mansfield Cemetery, Section T. E. Blessing-North, Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas. Walter A. Sims, 1929, only date. The cemetery is within the city limits of Mansfield. Go south on Main Street, turn right on FM 917 and right on Burl Ray Drive.

[749] Maury County, Tennessee, Marriage Records. Walter Sims to Martha Bell, 16 December 1885.

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