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The will of William Tyler was made 10 August 1820, proved January 1821, Washington County, Tennessee. He named his wife, Nancy; daughter, Melinda Tyler, previous to marriage of wife; son, William Tyler, minor; daughter, Phebe Tyler; daughter, Minerva Tyler; and daughter Betsy Tyler. Melinda to have half the portion of the personal estate with my last wife’s children. Daughter, Polly Tyler. Executors: William Wilson, Joseph Crouch, and wife, Nancy Tyler. Witnesses: Edward West, Baty Phillips, Edward West, Jr., James McCarroll.[800]

Nancy Phillips Tyler was born circa 1792 in North Carolina. She died circa 1882, Washington County, Tennessee, aged 90. Nancy Tyler married 15 March 1821, Washington County, to Daniel D. Andrew.[801] N. Andrew married 16 August 1841, Washington County, to M. Pressale (Pressnell).[802]

William and Martha Tyler lived in Washington County, Tennessee, in 1860[803] and 1870.[804] William Tyler lived in Washington County, in 1880. His mother, Nancy Presnell, daughter and son-in-law, Rufus and Nerva Cloyd, and granddaughter, Maud Cloyd, lived with him.[805]

Children of William Tyler and Martha A. Gillespie:

     244.        i.   Robert Tyler, born 9 December 1843, Washington County, Tennessee, died in the Civil War.

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[804] 1870 U.S. Census, Washington County, Tennessee, p. 184, #52/52, Brownsboro P.O. Tyler, William, age 56, $12,000/$1,800; Martha, age 53; Manerva, age 23; Isabelle, age 18; Madaline, age 15. All white. All born in Tenn.

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