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Children of George Sims:

       14.        i.   John Sims, born circa 1720, married Sarah ——.

John Sims joined with his uncles, John, Edward, and Matthew Sims in the 1745 suit in Louisa County, Virginia, in place of his father, George Sims.

10 February 1748/49, John Sims received a grant for 632 acres in Louisa County, on branches of Locust and Hinson’s Creeks, adjoining Matthew Sims, decd., William Gooch, Chamberlayne, Pouncey Anderson, and John Walton. 432 acres, part formerly granted William Chambers by patent, 12 September 1733. The right and title is since become vested in the said John Sims, and 200 acres the residue never before granted.[70]

On 27 August 1754, John Sims of St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, and Sarah, his wife, sold to William Dickenson of Louisa County, St. Martin’s Parish, planter, for £126 current money, 632 acres, adjoining Wm. Gooch’s corner, Chamberlayn’s line, to his and Pouncey Anderson’s corner. /s/ John Sims, Sarah (x) Sims. Acknowledged by John Sims and Sarah, his wife, 27 August 1754.[71]

       15.       ii.   George Sims, born circa 1722.

In the Merchant Account Book of Francis Jerdone of Hanover County, Virginia, for debts due the cargo of Neill Buchanan of London, Esq., on 1 October 1743, there was an account for George Sims, son of George Sims. There was also an account for George Sims, son of George Sims, 10 November 1744, and 1 October 1745.[72]

George Sims served in the French and Indian War. In 1755 he was a private in Overton’s Rangers which was proved by oath of William Foster. George received 50 acres for his service.[73]

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