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     252.       v.   George M. Gillespie, born 9 March 1851, Greene County, Tennessee, died 28 November 1899, married circa 1874, to Lizzie Meek,[829] born 1845, died 1918. They are buried Urbana Cemetery, Washington County, Tennessee.[830]

Lizzie M. Gillespie was head of her family in 1900 in Washington County, Tennessee. She had had seven children and seven were living in 1900. Living with her in 1900 were: Frank A. Gillespie, born February 1878; Eugene W. Gillespie, born March 1879; Laura Gillespie, born May 1881; Nat M. Gillespie, born August 1882; and James R. Gillespie, born September 1884.[831] Lizzie’s daughters, Georgia A. Gillespie, born January 1876, and Annie E. Gillespie, born March 1879, lived with their uncle, Albert E. Gillespie, in 1900.

[829] Tennessee Death Record. Frank A. Gilespie, died 14 March 1931, Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee, male, married, white, age 54, born 20 February 1877, Lewistown, Tennessee. Spouse: Jess Carter Gillespie. Father: George M. Gilespie, born Limestone, Tennessee. Mother: Lizzie Meek, born New Market, Tennessee. Occupation: hotal manager. Buried: Knoxville, Tennessee. Tennessee Death Record: Annie Gillespie Broderick, died 2 September 1954, Johnson City, Tennessee, female, age 75. Father: George Gillespie, Mother: Lizzie Meek. Tennessee Death Record: Eugene M. Gillespie, died 4 June 1943, Knoxville, male, married, white, age 64, born 9 March 1879, Limestone, Tennessee. Spouse: Beulah T. Gillespie. Father: George M. Gillespie. Mother: Lizzie Meek. Occupation: hotel operator, Arnold Hotel. Residence: Knoxville. Cemetery: Highland Memorial, Knoxville.

[830] Tombstones, Urbana Cemetery, Washington County, Tennessee. George M. Gillespie, born 9 March 1851, died 28 November 1899. Lizzie Gillespie, born 1845, died 1918.

[831] 1900 U.S. Census, Washington County, Tennessee, S.D. 250, E.D. 142, Sheet 15, 18th District. Gillespie, Lizzie M., born March 1850, age 50, widow; Frank A., son, age 22; Eugene W., son, age 21; Laura, dau., age 19; Nat M., son, age 17; James R., son, age 15. All white. All single. All born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.

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