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84. Robert L.6Gillespie (Sarah5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 27 June 1831, Greene County, Tennessee, died 8 March 1909, Washington County, Tennessee. He married 23 October 1858, Washington County, to Maria Agnes Brown,[854] born 5 March 1837, died 19 February 1916. They are buried in Urbana Cemetery, Limestone, Washington County, Tennessee.[855]

Maria was the daughter of Enoch Brown of Jonesboro, Tennessee. R. L. and Maria Gillespie had ten children, two sons and five daughters were living in 1887. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. R. L. was educated at Washington College and Tusculum College. He had been a trader, but was a farmer in 1887.[856]

In the 1887 Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee, Washington County, R. L. Gillespie stated that he was born in Greene County, Tennessee, 27 June 1831, son of Col. Allen and Sarah (Sims) Gillespie. He said his father was born about 1765 and that he was the son of George Gillespie. R. L. also stated that his mother was the daughter of William Sims. His mother had six sons and six daughters. R. L. was the youngest.[857]

Enoch Brown was born 10 May 1810, Washington County, Tennessee, died 15 September 1878, married Ann Rebecca McMahon. They had three children: Mary E. Brown married Matthew Carter; Andrew Jackson Brown, born 16 December 1834, married 25 September 1862, Agnes M. Wilds; and Maria Agnes Brown married Robert L. Gillespie.[858]

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