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86. Jesse L.6Daniel (Frances5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born August 1819, Maury County, Tennessee, died 14 November 1902, five miles north of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas (now in University Park, Dallas County). He married circa 1843, Nancy E. “Ann” Purvis, born 1823, Alabama, died 1881.

In the Daniel Cemetery, Airline and Milton Streets, University Park, (Dallas), Dallas County, Texas, is a large tombstone with the names and birth and death dates for Rev. Jesse L. Daniel, Nancy A. Daniel, daughter [daughter-in-law] Sophronia Daniel, and sons, James M. Daniel, Monroe A. Daniel, and Robert A. Daniel.[883]

Jesse L. Daniel came with his mother, Frances Sims Daniel, and his siblings, to Dallas County, Texas, about 1849, from Pickens County, Alabama. Jesse lived in Dallas County, Texas, in 1850.[884] He moved to Mississippi and Alabama for a few years, but returned to Dallas. Jesse L. Daniel lived in Itawamba County, Mississippi, in 1860.[885] Itawamba County is on the Alabama line.

In 1860, Jesse L. Daniel owned 65 acres of improved land and 65 acres of unimproved land in Dallas County, with a value of $1800.[886] The next farm was W. Caruth, with 1000 acres of improved land and 1.5 acres of unimproved land with a value of $52,000. Next to him was John Caruth with 150 acres of improved land and 500 acres of unimproved land with a value of $10,000.

[883] Tombstone photograph, Daniel Cemetery, University Park (Dallas), Texas. Father, Rev. Jesse L. Daniel, born 1819, died 1902. Mother, Nancy A. Daniel, born 1823, died 1881. Daughter, Sophronia Daniel, born 1851, died 1869. Sons, James M. Daniel, born 1854, died 1873. Monroe A. Daniel, born 1864, died 1885. Robert A. Daniel, born 1856, died 1908.

[884] 1850 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, p. 78, #79/81. Daniel, Jesse L., age 30, male, born Tenn.; Nancy E., age 24, female, born Ala.; John W. B., age 4, male, born Miss.; Nancy E., age 7/12, female, born Miss.

[885] 1860 U.S. Census, Itawamba County, Mississippi, p. 267, #1802/1802, Verona. Daniel, Jesse L., age 40, /$1140, born Tenn.; Nancy A., age 36, born Ala.; John W. D., age 13, born Ala.; Nancy E. M., age 10, born Miss.; Sarah F., age 7, born Tenn.; James M. L., age 5, born Tenn.; Robert A. F., age 3, born Miss.; Margaret L. Y. or T., born Ala.

[886] 1860 Agricultural Schedule, Dallas County, Texas, p. 33.

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