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Living with Frank R. and Mary F. Daniel in 1900 were their four unmarried children, Wilton, Fanny, Adley, and Georgiana Daniel; Frank’s brother, Thomas B. Daniel; and two granddaughters, Maddie and Ada Daniel. Frank was a farmer, Wilton was a laborer, Adley was day labor, Thomas was farm labor, and the granddaughters were at school.[913]

F. R. Daniel’s house is marked on Sam Street’s 1900 Map of Dallas County. The house was in the country in 1900. He lived six miles north of Dallas and his brother, Jesse L. Daniel, lived five miles north of Dallas, in 1900. F. R. Daniel’s house was at the corner of what is now the intersection of Haynie and Thackery Streets in University Park. His house was two blocks west of what is now Hillcrest Avenue and the Southern Methodist University campus. This land was subdivided and the town of University Park was incorporated in 1924.

Adley L. Daniel was administrator of the estate of F. R. Daniel. 28 October 1911, F. R. Daniel, Lula B. Irwin, M. A. Simpson, M. E. Lemon, et al [heirs of William Ed Daniel] vs. A. L. Daniel, administrator of the estate of F. R. Daniel, deceased, was appealed from the county court to 14th District Court.[914]

Frank Daniel owned 825 acres of what became the town of University Park. Part of this land was originally owned by Frank’s mother, Frances Sims Daniel. It was roughly bounded by what is now Lovers Lane on the north, Greenville Avenue on the east, and Turtle Creek on the west. The original deed to Frances Sims Daniel called Turtle Creek – the creek with all the turtles.

Frank Daniel’s nine children inherited about ninety acres each. They owned the land where the University Park Town Hall is, where Snider Plaza is, where Curtis Park is, and at one time owned part of the land where Southern Methodist University is.

[913] 1900 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, S.D. 6, E.D. 89, Sheet 7, Pct. 1, all west of H & C RR, excluding Dallas city. Danil, Frank R., age 78, married 55 years, born Tenn. Va. Va.; Mary F., wife, age 73, married 55 years, born Va. Va. Va.; Wilton Lee, son, age 52, born Ala. Tenn. Va.; Fanney, dau., age 40, born Texas Tenn. Va.; Adley L., son, age 31; Louisiana(sic), dau., age 25; Thos. V., brother, age 68, born Tenn. Va. Va.; Mary T., gdau., age 14, born Texas Texas Ga.; Ada, gdau., age 12, born Texas Texas Ga. All white.

[914] Local Courts, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 28 October 1911, p. 20.

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