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R. Daniel’s house is marked on Sam Street’s 1900 Map of Dallas County. In 1900 his house was in the country near Wheatland. Today it is near Wheatland Park and Interstate Highway 20 in the city of Dallas. In the 1900 census of Dallas County, Richard A. Daniel lived in the town of Lancaster.

   +296.    viii.   Adley L. Daniel, born 1868, Dallas County, Texas, died 28 December 1911, aged 43, Dallas, buried Daniel Cemetery, University Park, (Dallas), Texas, never married.[929]

     297.      ix.   Georgiana “Georgia” Daniel, born 12 June 1871, Dallas County, Texas, died 11 April 1926, Dallas, Texas, never married.[930] She is buried in Daniel Cemetery, University Park, (Dallas), Texas.[931]

Dallas Daily Times Herald, 12 April 1926: Georgianna Daniel. Address: Hainey and Thackery. Single, white. Father: F. R. Daniel. Mother: Mary F. Robinson. Died 11 April 1926. Burial: Daniel Cemetery.

[929] Ad L. Daniel obituary, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 29 December 1911, p. 12.

[930] Texas Death Record: Georgianna Daniel, died 11 April 1926, Dallas, Texas, female, white, age 54 years, 10 months, 9 days, born 2 June 1871, Texas, single. Father: F. R. Daniel, born Tennessee. Mother: Mary F. Robinson, born Virginia. Residence: Dallas, Texas. Burial: Daniel Cemetery.

[931] Tombstone photograph, Daniel Cemetery, Airline at Milton, University Park (Dallas), Texas. Georgiana Daniel, daughter of Francis R. and Mary F. Daniel, born 12 June 1879, died 11 April 1926.

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