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90. Thomas B.6Daniel (Frances5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born May 1832, Maury County, Tennessee, died 27 September 1922, in the Confederate Veterans Home in Austin, Travis County, Texas. He is buried in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin in the Confederate Field. A photograph of his tombstone on the Texas State Cemetery web site: T. B. Daniel, born 1832, died 1922, 1st Texas Battery, Art. Clairborne’s Div, Army of Tenn.[943]

Thomas Daniel lived with his sister, Margaret S. Smith, in Dallas County, in 1870.[944] He lived with his brother, Frank R. Daniel, in Dallas County, Texas, in 1900.[945] Thos. B. Daniel was an inmate in the Confederate Home in Austin in 1910[946] and 1920.[947]

Thomas B. Daniel received a Confederate pension. The records of the Texas State Cemetery: Thomas B. Daniel. Section: Confederate Field, Section 1 (F). Row: W Number 15. Confederate Veteran. Birth date: 1832. Died: 27 September 1922. Born: Tennessee. Occupation: farmer. Single. Came to Texas in 1850. Residence: Hutchins, Texas. Admitted to the Confederate Home: 16 July 1907. Religion: Methodist. Army: Tennessee. Brigade: Cleburne’s. Regt.: Light Artillery Co.: 1st Texas Battery.[948]

[943] Texas State Cemetery web site.

[944] 1870 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, p. 399, #1087/1080. Head of family: M. S. Smith, age 33, female, born Ala. Thomas Daniel, age 38, male, born Tenn.

[945] 1900 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, S.D. 6, E.D. 89, Sheet 7. Head of family: Frank R. Danil, male, white, born July 1821, age 78, born Tenn. Va. Va.; Thomas V., brother, white, male, born May 1832, age 68, single, born Tenn. Va. Va. 

[946] 1910 U.S. Census, Travis County, Texas, S.D. 10, E.D. 66, Sheet 3B, Austin. Confederate Home. Thos. B. Daniel, inmate, male, white, age 77, single, born Tenn. Va. Va.

[947] 1920 U.S. Census, Travis County, Texas, S.D. 10, E.D. 97, Sheet 3B, Austin. Confederte Home. T. B. Daniels, inmate, male, white, age 87, single, born Tenn. Va. Va.

[948] Texas State Cemetery, 909 Navasota Street, Austin, Texas 78702. Texas State Cemetery web site.

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