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This genealogy documents more than 800 descendants of William Sims and Judith Cross. Consult the separate Table of Contents as a guide.




The children and grandchildren of William Sims lived in New Kent, Hanover, and Louisa Counties, Virginia. New Kent County was formed from the upper part of York County, in 1654. St. Peter’s Parish was formed from Blisland Parish in 1679. St. Peter’s included most of New Kent County. In 1704, St. Peter’s Parish was divided and the upper (northwest) portion was established as St. Paul’s Parish. The dividing line between the two parishes was Matadequin Creek, which in 1720 became also the dividing line between New Kent and the newly created Hanover County became St. Peter’s northwest boundary line.[1]

St. Paul’s Parish, formed in 1704, was in New Kent County from 1704 until 1720. After 1720, St. Paul’s Parish covered the entire county of Hanover. Hanover County, Virginia, was formed in 1721. By an act of 26 November 1720, New Kent County was divided and Hanover County was formed.

St. Martin’s Parish was formed in 1726. St. Paul’s Parish was divided to form St. Martin’s Parish, Hanover County. Louisa County was formed in 1742 from Hanover County. St. Martin’s Parish was in Hanover and Louisa Counties.[2]

Due to record losses in James City, New Kent, and Hanover Counties, Virginia, it isn’t possible to prove how all the other Sims are related to this family.  

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