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William married second, Anna Lipscomb Harris. Anna wasn’t the mother of Fenton Sims. Anna was the daughter of Thomas Lipscomb, who made his will, 3 October 1770 in Louisa County, naming daughter, Anna Sims.[81] 13 October 1766, John Harris, son of Anna Sims, of St. Martin’s Parish, Louisa County, apprenticed himself to David Thomson until he was 21 years old, to learn to be a carpenter.[82]

The administrator of William Sims’s estate was his son, Fenton Sims. Bond was made in Louisa County, by Fenton Sims, administrator of the estate of William Symes, 13 March 1769. Bondsmen were John Hall and George Lumsden, £1000. The inventory of the estate of William Symes was made, 13 May 1769, value £97.5.9.[83]

On 8 June 1772 in Louisa County, Fenton Sims and Kesiah, his wife, of St. Martin’s Parish, Louisa County, sold to David Tulloh of St. Martin’s Parish, Hanover County, for £52, 133 acres, only the widow of William Sims, decd. to possess third during her natural life, adjoining Richmond Terrell, decd.’s line, Goodman’s corner, Colo. Snelson’s corner. /s/ Fenton Sims. Witnesses: Tyre Harris, Nathan Smith, William Smith.[84]

15 April 1789, James Hill of Louisa County, sold to Peter Butler of Hanover County, for £30, adjoining Christopher Smith, David Tulloh, 33 ½ acres which land was a marriage dower from William Sims and was had as a marriage dower by said James Hill’s wife. James Hill, with his wife, Anna, as her marriage dower of late husband, Will Sims. Witnesses: Rhoda Sims, James Goodman, Ananias Hall, David Hill.[85]

       17.       ii.   Robert Sims, born circa 1720, St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia. Robert lived in Brunswick County , Virginia, in 1752, when he sold the land he inherited from his father’s 1748 will.

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