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C. C. Gillespie married 4 January 1849, to Margaret A. Stockton, born Lawrence County, Alabama, died 31 July 1850, daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret Stockton.[991]

Dallas Daily Times Herald, 12 October 1887: Death of an Old Citizen. Dr. C. C. Gillespie died 11 o’clock, was 65 years old on the 22nd of last August. He was born in Alabama and was a Mason. Funeral at the residence of Mr. C. B. Gillespie at Oak Lawn tomorrow. Burial will be in Farmers Branch in the family burial ground. His daughter, Willie, is to come tonight from Baird.[992]

Nashville Christian Advocate, 14 January 1888: Dr. C. C. Gillespie, born Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, 21 August 1822, died Dallas, Tex as, 12 October 1887. His children were Charles B., Willie K., Connie, and Zillah Gillespie.[993]

[991] Annie Sandifer Trickett, Nashville Christian Advocate, Friday, 11 October 1850, p. 4, column 2. Mrs. Margaret A. Gillespie, daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret Stockton, born Lawrence County, Alabama, married Dr. C. C. Gillespie, 4 January 1849, died 31 July 1850. She, husband, and brother came to this state last winter to see her dear mother in glory. J. M. Carr, Dry Bridge Post Office, Drew County, Arkansas.

[992] Dr. C. C. Gillespie obituary, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Dallas, Tex as, 12 October 1887, p. 1, column 3.

[993] Nashville Christian Advocate, Nashville, Tennessee, 14 January 1888.

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