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In July of 1917, the estate of Mrs. Viola Hunt, deceased, was admitted to probate. Miss Retta West was confirmed as independent executrix. Appraisers appointed: H. H. Smith, Fred Patrick, and A. C. Flory.[1003] Retta West died 9 December 1918.

From 1886 until 1916, there were many references to Mrs. Viola Hunt in the Dallas Morning News. She lived in Farmers Branch in 1886. In 1893, Viola and her niece, Miss Eula West, went to the World’s Fair. Viola lived in Oak Cliff in 1895. In 1897, Mrs. Viola Hunt, her niece Miss Retta West, and Miss Mary Sims, Miss Jennie Cunningham, and Mrs. J. L. McCartney of Waxahachie went to St. Louis, Niagra, and Toronto. In 1902, Viola presented a gift of $1000 to the library of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Viola was responsible for badges for the wives of Confederate veterans at a convention. In 1903, she went to the Grand Canyon and Pacific Coast. In 1905, to Yellowstone Park. In 1906, to Birmingham, Alabama, Amarillo, Texas, and New Mexico. In 1907, to Mineral Wells. In 1910, to Asheville, North Carolina. In 1915, to California and the Northwest. And, in 1916, she spent four months out West.

Child of Edward W. Hunt and Viola M. Winn:

     306.        i.   Edward W. Hunt, “Eddie,” born circa 1863, died before 1880, buried in Daniel Cemetery, Airline at Milton, Univeristy Park, (Dallas), Dallas County, Texas.

[1003] Legal notice, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 6 July 1917.

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