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20 June 1752, Robert Sims of Brunswick County, mill rite, and William Sims of Louisa County, planter, sold to Richard Wright of Louisa County, planter, for £18, 50 acres, part of tract granted to Thomas Carr, Gent., decd., in Hanover County; by Robert Sims’s Last Will and Testament devised to his son, Robert Sims, adjoining William Hall’s line on the upper side of east fork of Little Rockey Creek, Richard Davenport’s line, along former line between said Davenport and Sims.[86]

       18.      iii.   James Sims, born circa 1724, St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia. James lived in Halifax County, Virginia, in 1761, when he sold the land he inherited from his father’s 1748 will.

10 January 1761, William Simes (Sims) of Louisa County, planter, and James Simes (Sims) of Hallifax County, planter, sold to William Wright of Louisa County, for £17, 50 acres, part of a tract granted to Thomas Carr, Gent., decd.; by deed conveyed to Robert Symes, decd.; by Robert Sims left by Will to the said James Sims, adjoining Richard Wright’s line.[87]

       19.      iv.   Sarah Sims, born 20 September 1726, St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.[88]

[86] Davis, Louisa County, Virginia, Deed Books A & B, 1742-1759, p. 77. Deed Book A, p. 474-475. /s/ Robt. Sims, William (+) Sims. Witnesses: John Pettus, William Pettus, John (H) Hall, Goodwin Trice, John Wright. 28 July 1752, proved by oaths of John Pettus, William Pettus, and John Hall.

[87] Davis, Louisa County, Virginia, Deed Books C, C ½, D, and D ½, 1759-1774, p. 14. Louisa County, Deed Book D, p. 80-81. /s/ William (x) Simes, James Simes. Witnesses: William Pettus, John Sandy Hall, Wm. (WB) Betterworth, Richard Wright, Robert Hall. 23 June 1761, proved by oaths of three witnesses.

[88] Chamberlayne, The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter’s Parish, Virginia, 1684-1786, p. 491. Sarah Dr of Robt. Sims born Sept. 20th 1726.

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