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Laurine Burridge, William O’s daughter, died 14 January 1962, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas, age 62, born 10 March 1899, married. Her father was William Otho Hines. Her mother was Dandridge Watts. Her place of residence was Angleton, Brazoria County, Texas. She was buried in Angleton, Texas.[1080]

Wilson O. Hines, William O’s son, died 25 January 1949, Austin, Travis County, Texas. His parents were William Otho Hines and Mattie E. Nance.[1081] William Nance Hines was born 10 March 1917, Schwertner, Williamson County, Texas, died 31 July 1964, Dallas, Texas. His parents were W. O. Hines and Mattie Nance.[1082]

     321.      iv.   Ada R. Hines, born 16 March 1869, Ellis County, died 22 September, 1899, buried Bethel Cemetery, Ellis County, Texas.[1083] She was a teacher.

     322.       v.   infant son Hines, born and died December 1875.

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[1083] Tombstone photograph, Bethel Cemetery, Ellis County, Texas. Ada R., dau. of T. J. and Margaret A. Hines, born 16 March 1869, died 22 September 1899.

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