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Virginia Winn lived with her son, Noah Winn, her daughter, Annie B. Cook, and grandson, Loyd Cook, in Dallas County, Texas, in 1920.[1095] In 1930 in Dallas County, Noah Winn was head of the family. His sister, Annie Cook; brother-in-law, Charlie Cook; nephew, Marion Cook and mother, Virginia Winn, age 78, lived with him.[1096]

In November of 1896, Mrs. Virginia Winn, et al, sold 14 ½ acres in Dallas County, to Alfred Davis.[1097]

The house of Mrs. J. Winn is marked on Sam Street’s 1900 Map of Dallas County, Texas. The location today is just west of present Midway Road, and a little north of LBJ Freeway, on the original Noah Good Survey. In 1900 her house was in the country in Dallas County.

Children of William Moritz Winn and Peninnah Virginia “Jennie” Good:

     324.        i.   Noah Winn, born 20 May 1872, Dallas County, Texas, died 12 July 1947, Frisco, Denton County, Texas,[1098] buried Keenan Cemetery, Farmers Branch, Dallas County, Texas, no marker.[1099]

Noah Winn lived in Dallas County, in 1900; he was a servant of C.C. Fisher.[1100]  Noah lived in Dallas County in 1920 and 1930 (see above).

[1095] 1920 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, S.D. 5, E.D. 86, Sheet 6B. Noah Winn, age 42, married, born Texas Tenn. Texas; Virginia Winn, mother, age 67, widow, born Texas Va. Ky.; Annie B. Cook, sister, age 45, married, born Texas Tenn. Texas; Loyd Cook, nephew, age 19, single, born Texas Ky. Texas. All white.

[1096] 1930 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, S.D. 10, E.D. 57-109, Sheet 12B. Noah Winn, age 58, widow, mar at age 26, farmer, born Texas Texas Texas; Annie H. Cook, sister, age 55, mar at 18, born Texas Texas Texas; Charlie Cook, brother-in-law, age 55, mar at 18, born Ky. Tenn. Tenn., farmer; Marion Cook, nephew, age 33, single, born Texas Ky. Texas, truck driver; Virginia Winn, mother, age 78, widow, mar at 19, born Texas Va. Ky. All white.

[1097] Real Estate Transfers, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 17 November 1896.

[1098] Texas Death Record. Noah Winn, died 12 July 1947, Frisco, Denton County, Texas, male, age 75 years, 1 month, 22 days, born circa 1872. Father: M. W. Winn. Mother: Virginia Good.

[1099] U.S. GenWeb, Keenan Cemetery.

[1100] 1900 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, S.D. 6, E.D. 129, Sheet 14. Head of household: C. C. Fisher, born 1851, age 49. Noah Winn, servant, white, male, born May 1874, age 26, born Texas Tenn. Tenn.

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