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109. Sophronia Jane7Winn (Francis Asbury6Winn, Jane “Jenny”5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 11 November 1837, Greene County, Alabama, died 9 January 1919, on Maple Avenue in Dallas, Texas,[1105] buried in Masonic Cemetery[1106] (Pioneer Cemetery). She married 11 August 1858, Dallas County, Texas, to Rev. William Robert Smith,[1107] born 30 December 1832, died 6 November 1877. They are buried in Pioneer Cemetery in downtown Dallas, Texas, next to the convention center.[1108] William Robert Smith went to McKenzie College, in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas.

W. R. Smith was a brother of Joshua Lafayette Smith who married Sophronia Winn’s cousin, Margaret Sims Daniel. W. R. and J. L. Smith’s parents are buried in Pioneer Cemetery in Dallas.[1109] The Smiths came to Dallas County, Texas, from Tishomingo County, Mississippi.

W. R. Smith lived in Dallas County, in 1860[1110] and 1870.[1111] Sophronia J. Smith was head of the family in 1880 in Dallas County.

[1105] Texas Death Record. S. J. Smith, born 11 November 1837, Alabama, died 9 January 1919, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Parents: F. A. Winn, A. Finch. Female, white, age 81 years, 1 month, 28 days, widowed. Mother born Alabama. Burial: Masonic Cemetery.

[1106] Death notices, Dallas Herald, Dallas, Texas, 12 January 1919: Mrs. S. J. Smith, female, widowed, Maple Avenue, father, F. A. Winn, mother, A. Finch, died 9 January 1919, buried Masonic Cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery).

[1107] Lu and Neumann, Marriages, Dallas County, Texas, Books A-E (1846-1877), p. 8. William R. Smith to Sophronia J. Winn, 11 August 1858.

[1108] Pioneer Cemetery, Dallas, Texas. One large stone with the parents and three children: SMITH. Rev. William Robert, born 30 December 1832, died 6 November 1877. Sophronia Jane, born 11 November 1837, died 9 January 1919. Annie Jerome, born 10 April 1868, died 26 May 1871. James A., born 9 June 1863, died 24 December 1889. Martha Frances, born 14 May 1859, died 22 February 1860.

[1109] Pioneer Cemetery, Dallas, Texas. Double stone. James Anderson Smith, born 25 September 1801, died 15 April 1863. Anne Killen Smith, born 26 February 1800, died 3 April 1860. And, Nancy McDougal Killen, born 11 October 1779, died 26 February 1859.

[1110] 1860 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, p. 297, #1101/1096. Smith, W. R., age 26, male, school teacher, $1000/$2695, born Ala.; Sophronia J., age 22, born Ala.

[1111] 1870 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, p. 403, #1126/1119. Smith, W. R., age 37, male, farmer, $5850/$2270, born Ala.; Sophronia, age 32, school teacher, born Ala.; James A., age 7, born Texas; Winn, age 4, born Texas; Ann J. Smith, age 3, born Texas; Elizabeth Merrell, age 35, born Mo.; Ella Ellison, age 17, born Texas. All white.

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