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112. Martha E.7Winn (Francis Asbury6Winn, Jane “Jenny”5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 11 June 1846, Greene County, Alabama, died 11 July 1888, Dallas, Texas, She married 20 September 1871, Dallas County, Texas, to Pleasant Green Swor,[1154] born 2 February 1834, died 3 June 1878, Dallas County, Texas. They are buried in Garvin Memorial Cemetery, Dallas, Texas, on Northwest Highway, between Midway and Lemmon.[1155]

Martha Swor and her children lived in Dallas County, in 1880, with her brother, William Winn, age 40, born Alabama Tennessee Alabama. Martha Swor, was age 33, sister, born Alabama Tennessee Alabama. Landon Swor, age 7, nephew, born Texas Tennessee Alabama. Minna Swor, age 6, niece. Mary Swor, age 5, niece. And, Leonidas Swor, age 2, nephew.[1156]

The Dallas Pioneer Association meeting in July 1889 reported the deaths for the past year: Mrs. Martha Swor (nee Martha Winn) and Phillip Winn.[1157]

Dallas Morning News, 9 October 1893: Mrs. L. A. [L. H.] Smith of Coleman attended the reading of her brother, Mr. Swor and was entertained by her aunt, Mrs. Robert Smith, of Germania Street.[1158]

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[1155], Garvin Memorial Cemetery, Dallas, Texas. Created by Laura N. Garner Masten. Tombstones: Martha E. Winn Swor, born 11 June 1846, Alabama, died 11 July 1888, Dallas, Texas. Capt. Pleasant Green Swor, born 2 February 1834, died 3 June 1878. Also, Jessie Swor, born and died 1876.

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