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Dallas Morning News, 18 March 1948: Funeral services for Landon C. Swor, 75, of El Paso, will be held there Thursday at 2 p.m., with the Rev. H. R. Welch of Dallas officiating. A native of Dallas and grandson of F. A. Winn who came here in 1846. Swor died at his El Paso home Monday. He had moved there from Dallas in 1914. His father was the late Col. P. G. Swor, Confederate veteran. Survivors are his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Irene Ruedig and Mrs. Spencer Darbyshire, a grandson, all of El Paso, and a sister, Mrs. L. H. Smith of Coleman.[1166]

     340.       ii.   Anne Swor, born 1874, Dallas County, Texas, died 1958, married 17 January 1893, Dallas County, Texas, to Lucius Holman Smith, born 1867, died 1948. They are buried in Coleman Cemetery, Coleman, Coleman County, Texas.[1167]

Dallas Morning News, 30 January 1893: Miss Anna Swor of Dallas and Mr. L. H. Smith of Coleman were married on Tuesday morning the 17th instant, by Rev. L. A. Hanson, at the residence of the bride’s aunt, Mrs. S. J. Smith, on Germania Street. They left for Coleman where they will reside.[1168]

In 1900, Holman and Annie Smith lived with his parents. Benjamin E. and Ann E. Smith, in Coleman County, Texas.[1169]

     341.      iii.   Mary Sowr, born circa 1875, Dallas County, Texas

     342.      iv.   infant Jessie Swor, died 1876, buried in Garvin Memorial Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.[1170]

     343.       v.   Leonidas Swor, born circa 1878, Dallas County, Texas

[1166] Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 18 March 1948, p. 12.

[1167] Coleman County, Texas, GenWeb. Coleman Cemetery. Lucius H. Smith, born 1867, died 1948. Anne (Swor) Smith, born 1874, died 1958.

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[1169] 1900 U.S. Census, Coleman County, Texas, S.D. 4, E.D. 23, Sheet 19A. Head of family: Benjamin E. Smith, born March 1832, age 68, mar 42 yrs., born Texas Va. Va. Holman, son,, born September 1867, age 32, mar 7 yrs., born Texas Texas Tenn.; Annie, d-in-law, born February 1877, age 23, mar 7 yrs., born Texas Tenn. Ala. All white.

[1170] Tombstone photograph, Garvin Memorial Cemetery, Dallas, Texas. Infant Jessie Swor, died 1876.

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