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11. Bruster3Sims (Edward2, William1) was born circa 1720, St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, died testate, 1765, Hanover County, Virginia (will lost).[101] He married Mary Green.[102]

In March 1883, Viola Winn Hunt (1841-1917) of Dallas, Texas, a great grandchild of Bruster Sims’s son, William Sims, interviewed Nicholas P. Sims, born 15 August 1806, Hanover County, Virginia, died 25 May 1902, Ellis County, Texas. Nicholas P. Sims was a grandchild of William Sims, Bruster Sims’s son. N. P. Sims told Viola that Brewster Sims of Hanover County, Virginia, was the father of William Sims. Brewster Sims had two children, a daughter and a son. The daughter who first married a Smith, was afterwards married to Mr. Gentry. The son, William Sims, was born 7 May 1757, married Judith Cross.[103]

The earliest record of Bruster Sims is 14 October 1743. Cash was paid to Brewster Sims on that date. This record is found in A Merchants Account Book: Hanover County, Virginia, 1743-1744. Accounts of Francis Jerdone, Hanover County, for debts due to cargo of Neill Buchanan of London, Esq. Also, on 14 October 1743, Mr. Brewster Sims in Hanover: To 1 hank silk, 1 dozen small mettle buttons. To 1 single silk cap, 2 ells best ozens, 1 silk hankerchief.[104]

[101] Chamberlayne, The Vestry Book of St. Paul’s Parish, 1706-1786, p. 469. 28 September 1769, To the executors of Bruster Sims, decd., as account omitted in 1765. Also, Hanover County, Virginia, Deed Book 1783-1792, p. 118, refers to the will of Bruster Sims.

[102] York County, Virginia, Wills and Inventories No. 22, p. 243. Will of James Sims. I give to Mickings Green, William Sims, son of Bruster Sims and Mary Green, £25 each.

[103] Sims Family History, (5 pages) Rebecca Boyce Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume XXI, p. 194-198. History compiled by Mrs. Viola Winn Hunt, 11 April 1913. The material was obtained from J. C. Patterson of Waco, Texas, 28 April 1966, the date of the funeral of E. E. Forrest, Sr. The copy used by the DAR was owned by Tom C. Morris, Waxahachie, Texas.

[104] Edgar MacDonald, Ph.D, “A Merchants Account Book: Hanover County, Virginia, 1743-1744,” Accounts of Francis Jerdone, Hanover County, (Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Virginia Genealogical Society), Volume 34, No. 3, Summer 1996, Volume 34, No. 4, Fall 1996, p. 193, 369.

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