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Wilson Dabney Sims almost always used his initials, W. D. In 1850, Wilson D. Sims, age 25, lived with his parents, John Dabney and Elizabeth Coleman Elliott Sims, in Lafayette County, Mississippi.[1211] In 1860, W. D. Sims, lived with his parents in Ellis County, Texas.[1212] In 1870, the census records him as William D. Sims. He lived next door to his parents in Ellis County, Texas.[1213] He was called W. D. Sims in the wills of both of his parents. The obituary of his first wife, Sallie, calls him Mr. Dabney Sims. He was W. Dabney Sims for his biography in the Memorial and Biographical History of Ellis County, Texas (1887). His brother, William J. Sims, called him Dab or Dabs in his letters home during the Civil War.

W. D. Sims married first to Sallie High when he was forty-six years old. She was twenty. He married second to Bettie High when he was fifty and she was eighteen. He married third to Evelyn Whitfield when he was fifty-five and she was thirty.

Sallie and Bettie High were sisters. They were daughters of Henry A. High and Elizabeth A. Moseley.[1214] H. A. High, born 17 January 1821, died 4 March 1894, and Elizabeth Ann High, died 14 November 1876, are buried in Bethel Cemetery in Ellis County.[1215] Elizabeth Moseley High was born 18 December 1822. Henry A. High and his family lived in Morgan County, Alabama, in 1850.[1216] Henry A. High and his family lived in Ellis County, in 1870.[1217] Henry High made his will, 8 July 1891, and it was filed in Ellis County, 25 April 1894.[1218]

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[1218] Will of H. A. High, recorded 26 April 1894, Ellis County, Texas, Will Book A, p. 475.

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