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10 March 1785, John Gentry and Nancey, his wife, of Hanover County, sold to Benjamin Timberlake of same. Whereas Bruster Sims of county aforesaid, St. Pauls Parish, decd. in his life time purchased of Richard Foster and Sarah, his wife, a tract of land in parish and county afsd. on branches of Totopotomy Creek and died seised of same, having made his last will and testament and bequeathed unto his daughter Nancey Sims (now Nancey the wife of sd. John Gentry) sd. tract, who first intermarried with one Parke Smith, which land sd. Parke Smith sold unto George Parke who sold same unto Joseph Brand who transferred his right thereto to William Sims who also transferred his right to John Timberlake, decd., which right was inherited by his son and heir at law the afsd. Benjamin Timberlake who now is in possession of sd. tract bounded as followeth: Archers corner, Tylors corner, Gentrys corner. Parke Smith who only had a right in sd. land during the term of his natural life did convey sd. land 7 September 1775, departed this state and it hath been supposed that sd. Parke Smith is dead, but it being doubtful to the sd. John Gentry and Nancey his wife whether they can produce sufficient evidence to prove the death of sd. Smith without great expense and being willing and desirous to settle all disputes respecting sd. land do sell their right thereto unto sd. Benjamin Timberlake. For and in consideration of that part of sd. tract lying on the north side of the road runing through sd. tract, being on the day of the date of these presents given unto their possession, hath given and sold to Timberlake all their right to that part of tract which lies on the south side of sd. road. /s/ John (+) Gentry and Nancy (+) Gentry. Witnesses: Wm. Woody, Jacob Christian, Charles (x) Tyler. 7 July 1785 acknowledged by John Gentry and Nancey his wife.[109]

Children of Bruster Sims and Mary Green:

     +22.        i.   Nancy Sims, born circa 1754, St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, married first, circa 1772, Parke Smith, married second, between 1777 and 1785, to John Gentry.

     +23.       ii.   William Sims, born 7 May 1757, St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, died 1814, Maury County, Tennessee, married 9 August 1773 (date of bond), Hanover County, Virginia, to Judith Cross.

[109] Davis, Hanover County, Virginia, Deeds 1783-1792, p. 25.  Deeds, 1783-1792, p. 118-119.

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