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Rebecca Hardeman was the daughter of John Marr Hardeman and Mary Hardeman.[1338] John Marr Hardeman was born 2 February 1804, Rutherford County, Tennessee, died 15 October 1891, Italy, Ellis County, Texas.[1339] He married 13 May 1828, Hardeman County, Tennessee, to his first cousin, Mary Hardeman,[1340] born 12 February 1812, Maury County, Tennessee, died 19 September 1857, Italy, Ellis County, Texas. John Marr Hardeman was the son of Constantine Hardeman and Sarah J. Marr. Mary Hardeman was the daughter of Blackstone Hardeman and Anna Bunch. [See the Hardeman genealogy at]

William J. Sims moved from Lafayette County, Mississippi, to Ellis County, Texas, in 1851, with his parents John Dabney Sims and Elizabeth Coleman Elliott Sims. W. J. was fifteen years old when he moved to Texas. John Marr and Mary Hardeman moved to Ellis County, Texas, from Washington County, Texas, in November 1856.[1341] Two years later on 8 December 1858, William J. Sims married their daughter, Rebecca Hardeman.

John Dabney Sims lived about two and a half miles north of what later became the town of Italy. John Marr Hardeman lived about one and half miles north of Italy, Texas.

W. J. and Rebecca Sims lived in Ellis County, Texas, in 1860, at Chambers Creek Post Office.[1342]

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[1339] Tombstone photographs. Hardeman Cemetery, 1.5 miles north of Italy, Ellis County, Texas, on Highway 77. Turn left off of U.S. Highway 77, go .3 miles, turn left and go .2 miles. On the right out in a pasture in a clump of hackberry trees. John M. Hardeman, born 2 February 1804, died 15 Octobr 1891. Mary Hardeman, born 12 February 1812, died 19 September 1857.

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[1342] 1860 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, p. 13, #113/106. P.O. Chambers Creek. W. J. Sims, age 24, male, farmer, /$2680, born Miss.; R. Sims, age 19, female, born Texas; J. Dab Sims, age 5/12, male, born Texas.

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