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30 December 1855, G. H. Cunningham of Limestone County, Texas, sold to Joseph C. Willson of Ellis County, Texas, for $900, 340 acres in the southwest part of Ellis County on north fork of Richland Creek, is part of 640 acres patented to Cunningham as assignee of Augustus Berry, 21 February 1855.[1441]

George Cunningham served as a private, later lieutenant, in Company C, 19th Texas Cavalry, Confederate Army. He served in the same company with Tennessee Sims’s brothers, Wilson Dabney Sims and William James Sims, and also Carr Forrest.

George H. and Tennessee Cunningham lived in Ellis County, Texas, in 1860,[1442] 1870,[1443] 1880,[1444] 1900,[1445] and 1910.[1446]

George Cunningham was president and director of the Waxahachie National Bank from 1900 to 1915. He was also one of the trustees of the Nicholas P. Sims Library in Waxahachie. G. H. lived in the 500 block of West Main in Waxahachie.

[1441] Ellis County, Texas, Deed Book B, p. 471.

[1442] 1860 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, p. 22, #344/326. Cunningham, G. H., age 32, male, farmer, $20,000/$4,356, born Tenn.; Tenesse, age 20, female, born Miss.

[1443] 1870 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, p. 392, #386/377. Cunningham, George, age 43, farmer, $15,000/$3000, born Texas; Mitt, age 30, female, born Tenn.; Lizzie E., age 10, born Miss.; Nannie, age 8, born Texas; Griffith, age 5; John D., age 3; Mary F. Cunningham, age 1; Franklin Clift, age 22, laborer, born Texas; John A. Smith, age 22, laborer, born Ala. All white.

[1444] 1880 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, S.D. 3, E.D. 51, Sheet 24. Cunningham, G. H., male, age 52, farmer, born Tenn. N.C. N.C.; T., female, age 40, wife, born Miss. Va. Tenn.; Lizzie E., age 20, dau., born Texas Tenn. Miss.; Nannie, age 18, dau.; John D., age 12, son; Mollie, age 11, dau.; Jennie, age 9, dau.; Edward, age 6, son; Clauddius, age 5, son; Banbillis Cunningham, age 1, son; Y. C. Edmondson, age 35, -, laborer, born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. All white.

[1445] 1900 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, S.D. 6, E.D. 29, Sheet 9. Cunningham, George, born January 1828, age 72, married 40 yrs., born Tenn. N.C. N.C., farmer; Tennessee, wife, born November 1840, age 59, married 40 yrs., born Miss. Va. Va., had had 9 children, 8 living; Jennie W., dau., born March 1872, age 28, single, born Texas Tenn. Miss.; Barsillin, son, born March 1879, age 21, single, farmer. All white.

[1446] 1910 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, E.D. 121, Waxahachie, West Main Street. Cunningham, George H., age 82, mar1, mar 50 yrs., born Tenn. Va. Va., own income; Tennessee, wife, age 69, mar1, mar 50 years, born Miss. Tenn. U.S., had had 9 children, 8 living; Jennie, dau., age 35, single, born Texas Tenn. Miss.; Barzillai, son, age 28, single, own income, farmer. All white.

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