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13. John3Sims (Edward2, William1), was born circa 1724, St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, married Rebecca ——.

26 March 1751, John Sims of St. Martin’s Parish, Hanover County, planter, and Rebekah, his wife, sold to John Hawkins of same, planter, for £70 current money, 200 acres in St. Martin’s Parish, south side of Little River, part of a tract granted to Edward Sims by patent, 28 September 1728, of which said 200 acres is the upper part, adjoining Patton’s line, crosses Turkey Cock branch on Snelson’s line, formerly John Hill’s, along said Snelson’s and Tait’s line, said 200 acres laid on a square. /s/ John Sims, Rebecca (x) Sims. Witnesses: Dabney Petus, Charles Mills, Thos. Lankford. 26 March 1751, acknowledged by John Sims. Rebecca, his wife, relinquished dower rights.[118]

On 8 November 1752, I have received a deed of conveyance from John Sims of Hanover County, for 200 acres on Cock Turkey Swamp in Louisa County, adjoining the lines of Snelson and John Tait and Thomas Rice. On surveying the land it was found that only 175 acres was included within the lines of said tract. I have received full satisfaction from Sims for the 25 acres. /s/ John Hawkins. Witness: Thos. Rice, James Sims. Acknowledged 27 March 1753.[119]

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